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COVID-19 Glycemic Management Research and Glytec eGlycemic Management System Overview & Demo 2/2/2021
Glytec’s Executive Director of Clinical Practice Dr. Jordan Messler will present our latest COVID-19 research, which found a higher risk of mortality for patients that did not achieve target blood glucose levels soon after admission. Dr. Messler will also discuss his clinical recommendations for COVID-19 glycemic management care based on research. This webinar will provide a high-level overview of Glytec’s eGMS with a brief product demo.

Glytec is a software provider focused on improving the quality and cost of care for patients requiring insulin.

At the center of Glytec’s eGMS is Glucommander, FDA-cleared software that delivers personalized insulin dosing recommendations at the point of care while maximizing workflow efficiency for doctors and nurses.

Beyond dosing recommendations, Glytec’s eGMS also enables automated patient risk identification and detailed reporting of glucose control metrics.

Join us to learn more about Glytec's eGMS and see how it can ensure best practice for your insulin-requiring patients.


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